Intuitive and easy. Stockmarket slayed. Use the "stocks rising 3 days" button to see all stocks rising by $1 in three days.

Design your own stock search by using the drop down buttons. The drop downs will turn yellow when selected and when all 4 are selected will display the rising stocks table below.

Select the number of days you want to look for an increase in stock price. Enter the low price for the stock to start the search from. Enter the high stock price to limit the stock search to. Enter the amount in days$ to see the daily price increase you want to search for.

Click on the little chart symbol to see a pop-up chart of your selected stock.

Results are delivered quickly.  Change only one drop down box for stocks to be searched and the new table presented.

This is a fast way to ask what stocks have risen by how much.

A stock rising may continue to rise or it may not. This depends on the over all market conditions and the conditions on how people are bidding on the stock.

All stock market investments can incur losses. Consult a licensed stock market professional for advice on your favorite stocks.